Ford Dump Truck Dealer

Chastang Ford is the top pick for Houston Dump Truck Dealers. Find your dump truck upfit solution in our inventory of Ford dump truck chassis or have a conversation with a commercial account manager and they’ll build you a custom dump truck solution specific to your business needs. Learn more about our dump truck upfits.

Ford Dump Truck Dealer
Ford Dump Truck Dealer
All Chastang Ford Commercial and Fleet Account Managers at Chastang Ford know and understand everything about custom dump body solutions and configurations to help their Houston construction and landscape clients. We pride ourselves on building your Ford dump truck requirements and finding dump body upfit solutions needed for any job.

Ford Dump Trucks

Our unparalleled, ultra-tough Ford Chassis Cab models provide the best dump truck configuration on the roads, and on the worksite, today. It simply maneuvers better than any other, and Ford is still built tougher than the competition. Starting with a chassis cab, any dump body solution is possible.

Drop Side Dump Bodies, Rigid Side Dump Bodies, Heavy Drop Side Contractor Bodies are all made specifically for several of our in-stock, on-site F-450, F-550, and F-650 and F-750 Medium Duty models.

We have access to nearly all dump truck body capacities and configurations. The vehicles are on site and can be upfitted to your specific requirements with unsurpassed turnaround time.
Ford Dump Truck Ledwell Body
Ford Dump Truck Ledwell Body

Dump Trucks For Sale in Houston TX

Ford dump trucks come in a range of sizes and configurations to meet various hauling and dumping needs, with some models featuring a single rear axle and others having dual rear axles for increased load capacity. They are commonly used in construction, mining, oilfields, and other industries where heavy hauling and dumping are required.

Chastang Ford prides itself on custom upfit solutions to find the perfect dump truck upfit for your business needs. Our commercial account managers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your dump truck needs are met from sales to service.

Below is an example of dump truck body rigged and ready to roll for a local Houston contractor.

Ford F-750 Chassis, 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel with Transmission Power Take-Off Provision w/LiveDrive Capability and Tow/Haul, Back-up Alarm, Four Body Builder Switches:

  • Dump Body
  • Body Length 10′
  • Body Width 89″
  • Body Height 24″
  • Floor Type 1/4″ Steel Floor
  • Hoist Capacity 18 Ton
  • Dump Body Capacity 5/6 Yard
  • Hoist Telescopic Hoist
  • Tailgate Single Wide Chute in Tailgate
  • Pintle Hitch – Capacity up to 45 Ton
  • Brake Controller Electric
  • Cab Shield 10 Gauge Steel
  • Tarp Spring Loaded Crank Type Tarp Cover
  • Structural Crossmembers 3″ I Beam Crossmembers
  • Structural Longsills 4″ Structural Channel Sub-Frame
  • Exterior Lights 3/4″ LED Marker Lights
Ford F 750 Dump Truck 10ft Body 8 Yard
Ford F 750 Dump Truck 10ft Body 8 Yard
Ford Dump Truck With Hoist Capacity 18 Ton
Ford Dump Truck With Hoist Capacity 18 Ton
Ford F-750 Dump Truck Pintle Hitch
Ford F-750 Dump Truck Pintle Hitch
Ford F-750 Dump Truck PTO Lever
Ford F-750 Dump Truck PTO Lever

Ford Dump Body Trucks

Ford Dump Body Trucks are a specific type of Ford dump truck that is designed with a dump body, which is the large, open-box bed that can be tilted and raised to unload the contents of the truck onto the ground. The dump body is typically made of steel or aluminum and is supported by hydraulic cylinders that allow it to be raised and lowered.

Many industries that keep Houston humming rely on dump trucks of every configuration. We have worked with most of you over the years, however if it is time to update, upgrade or otherwise improve your fleet, we have a bundle of new solutions for your job-specific, site-specific needs.

Our Commercial and Fleet Account Managers have that hard-to-find experience with isolating the needs specific to your industry and are committed to maintaining our reputation as the leading commercial truck dealer in the Houston area.

Dump Truck Consultation

Learn about the custom dump body upfits we can provide your business.

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Dump Truck Dealership Near Me

Chastang Ford is your Texas dump truck dealer located near the heart of Houston. We provide dump truck body solutions for fleet and small businesses across the state of Texas. Our commercial account managers have years of upfitting experience to know exactly the chassis and body dump upfit you’ll need.